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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

21 BEST Free Websites For Learning ENGLISH

"English is never anything but poorly spoken French," said Georges Clemenceau. It is a vision - certainly a patriotic and reductive hair - but it means what it means: English for many, it remains gibberish. And yet, his mastery has never been more essential than at present (you know what I mean? Globalization, internationalization, all that ..). If you are even more connected Molière than Shakespeare, do not panic, this top is for you. The Internet is a sacred breeding ground: a plethora of sites propose to make you a true anglicized. Texts, videos, exercises, games, all the means are good if you know how to find one. And because in Topic we have the Anglo-Saxon fiber, we have concocted a little top by categories, for all ages, just for you.
21 BEST Free Websites For Learning ENGLISH
21 BEST Free Websites For Learning ENGLISH 

For children (Kids)

    We do not say enough: a language can be learned when one is young. Do not hesitate any more, just move the cursor over the images to reveal the English word that corresponds to it.

Video learning (video training)

    This site is one of the best listed on the web. Eight professors publish interactive multimedia content via a youtube channel, on which you can easily navigate by theme and deepen your linguistic knowledge.

On this site, the pronunciation is in the honor! No more criticism of the Frenchie accent: a good oral exercise with a personalized feedback. What's more, the video content, which is rather humorous and advertising, includes subtitles that must be completed. Go!

    With over a hundred videos sorted by categories, it will be easy to work by country and level. Very adaptable and adaptable in some!

The site is a real favorite, it is super playful to learn with lots of different methods. A kind of web magazine that allows you to walk on it to learn English in a simplistic way.

Collaborative learning via writing

    Based on writing, this site is a real collaborative work. Learn with local native speakers that correct you, and that you can help in return to discover our beautiful language. Fast progress guaranteed if you are every day!

    The official site of the BBC, which offers you a regular learning that sticks to the news (news). Kill two birds with one stone!

    This site is recognized in the middle of the net and smartphone applications. The Guardian advises him in particular. Let's go! (Let's go !)

    "Practice practicing, it's just real!" This internet platform has the solution to your problem, it offers you an interactive chat with native: cultural-linguistic exchange exciting!

Vocabulary and expressions: anglophone idiomatic

    A gigantic database, this site is more than just a literal translator: it knows many expressions specific to our friends from across the Channel, and you will, therefore, be of great use to put the finger on the Shakespearean substance.

Improve your pronunciation

    Because we, French, are reputed to have one of the worst accents of the globe: it is time to remedy it. Several sites propose to improve your "flow". Small tour

    For the American accent

    Useful videos, American accent also.

    With this site no worries, Eva speaks very, very, very slowly. American Accent

    A very good site to learn how to handle this "British" accent so appreciated on this side of the sleeve.

    For more unusual learning

    Learn English by listening to your audio player podcasts downloaded from the site, very convenient and a little different!

    Download this little pop-up which will ask you a question of learning every x minutes (it's up to you to set the time). For heads in the air!

  On your Smartphone: Applications

    Many smartphone applications now offer training in English: vocabulary, grammar, expressions, everything is there. Language at your fingertips!

    Through stories dictated in French, interspersed with English translations, your children will have the opportunity to play, color, and by the same to learn the words of everyday vocabulary. Entertainment guaranteed!

    An application for the bigger ones. Advised by The Wall Street Journal itself, it relies on the translation exercise. Attention: if you are good, you will contribute to the translation of sites or web pages. Smart, is not it? (Intelligent, is not it?)

An Application centered on expanding your vocabulary. Test the latter through various games. With the pronunciation in premium for those for whom the sounds of Molière are difficult to leave for those of Shakespeare.

Play, understand, speak, write. In short, an application "does everything" very cool (sympathetic) to learn English!

Probably the instant translation site most used by students. Nevertheless, we can not repeat it enough: learning a language is empirical, intuitive and an internet translator can never replace a good dictionary and a prolonged immersion in an English-speaking country. Good luck!

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10 tips for learning a foreign language

Learning a foreign language is not necessarily obvious. Vocabulary, irregular verbs, grammar, accent ... A whole panoply of difficulties that are often scared before they even begin! However, learning a second language is a source of personal enrichment and opens up many professional doors.

I give you my 10 tips to facilitate the learning of foreign languages.

ten tips and tricks for learning a foreign language

1. The earlier you learn, the better.

Yes, it is well known, children learn much more easily than adults. Why not teach them a second language at an early age? In addition, learning allows the brain to develop more easily; The children will have facilities in other areas afterward.

2. Nothing better than total immersion in a foreign country

If you've gone over to youth, why not leave for six months abroad? Yes, nothing better to facilitate learning than to rub shoulders with natives! This will allow you to acquire the musicality of the language and expressions of everyday life not necessarily listed in the books.

3. Watch movies and series in VO

Of course, it is not necessarily obvious to take holidays without balances but other solutions exist such as watch movies and series in Subtitled Original Version. This allows you to acquire the true accent and also to discover some common expressions! This is what emerged from our study concerning the level of children in English: the latter is improving since they watch cartoons in VO.

4. Learn by phrases, not by words

Learning words alone is not necessarily the right method. Indeed, it is often difficult to reuse them in the right context. This is why it is advisable to familiarize yourself with whole sentences in order to project in a particular situation: it is easier to remember and to reuse later.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat

With a minimum of 15 minutes per day every morning you will more easily remember the mechanism of the language. Indeed, learning is good, but the important thing is to remember! Repeat and re-read the same phrases several times, this will help you master the language over the long term.

6. Do not focus on grammar rules

Of course, the rules of grammar and irregular verbs are important. However, the main one is to understand in general how the language works. The exceptions exist, but starting with them is a mistake.

7. Talk and practice!

The second step once the basics are gained is to get started and talk! If you have within your network of foreign friends this is perfect. Otherwise, try to register on forums or practice the language with a face-to-face or telephone teacher. Yes, practice is the key to success!

8. Dare to make mistakes

Even if you have worked hard, the beginner's mistakes are inevitable. However, it is absolutely not necessary to focus on the latter and to apprehend the discussions. The main thing is to make you understand and your interlocutors will correct you as and when.

9. Set goals

Learning a language is long and tedious, so it is necessary to be rigorous. Setting goals are paramount in order to maintain his memory. Two days a week for 1 hour, book a niche so you can work the language of your choice and repeat some sentences every 15 minutes. Include it in your schedule and do not touch it anymore, it is as important as a customer appointment if you want to evolve!

10. Diversify your learning

Read, watch movies in VO, talk with your friends ... No matter how the main thing is that you enjoy learning the language. Go to international cocktails (Polyglot Club, Wine & Cheese Speaking-agency ...) to meet strangers and throw yourself in the water! Even if you do not understand each other every time and you meet two or three little moments of solitude, you will grow out of it. Have fun!

A little courage for great satisfaction is a good deal, is not it?